Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hallowee costumes - Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood

I've had a couple late nights sewing this past week! My 19 month old dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, so I had to make that up, (super quick project!), and then my husband wanted to be the big bad wolf to go with it. Not so quick.

He had a vision of the Muppet version of Big Bad. So I designed a version of the puppet that would fit over my husband's head, and he would look out through the mouth.

Here's the start of it. In a different fabric this could be another super easy knight costume!

After a bit, there were ears to go on that! I put them on by hand... there was a lot of hand work attaching pieces since my sewing machine isn't all that big.
I'm especially proud of the nice doggie nose. I think it came out really well. They Eyes are stuffed balls made from white fleece, and felt pupils - I think the fur eyelids really make them work. The teeth and tongue are felt.
There's also some pieces of old milk bottles in the nose for structure.
Just before we went out for the day I sewed the ribbon on Little Red's hood,
And made the wolf some mits.
Here they are checking out the snow leopards at the zoo.
And doing some trick or treating at grandma's house.

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leZley said...

Oh my goodness, that is so cute. Nice job!