Monday, October 26, 2009

felt carrot tutorial and a birthday felt food feast

My daughter's best friend celebrated her second birthday today. I made her some delicious felt food. All healthy, with a couple sugar cookies for dessert.

Here's the quick and dirty method I used to make the carrots!

First I cut some rounded out triangles. Two equal sides. About 7" X 5".

I also cut a few narrow green rectangles... about 1/2" X 2. I folded these in half longways and sewed them up with a running stitch.

I sewed some lines in the carrot felt with embroidery floss.

I'm sorry but I didn't take pictures of the next steps. Then I folded the carrots, right sides facing, and sewed up the long edge with my machine. You end up with a narrow funnel. Turn it right-side-out. Stuff the carrot, and then string all three green stems on a thread, and then used the same thread to sew a running stitch along the open end of the carrot. Tuck the sewn ends of the stems in the top of the carrot and cinch it closed. Then just sew it together at the top for a sturdy finish.
Here are some close ups of the other veggies. Strawberries follow the same principle with a stubbier triangle to start, and different greens.

my cousin's baby shower gift

My dear cousin's wife is pregnant, due in December. The first of all my cousins to have a baby. This little girl will be my niece, (my cousin and I are both only children), and I am very excited.

I made the new little girl an eye-spy play/stroller quilt. It is 44" X 44". I'm so glad I added the patchwork border... this really adds to it I think!

Here is my favorite square...
And here is my daughter's favorite one - Dora of course! She's going to get one of these quilts, only much larger, and with many more things to spy, for Christmas.
Here is the back! I loved this fabric. Got it for a great deal at a quilt shop that was closing. So soft and bright.
The binding.... Most of the fabric came out of my stash - except for the sashing and the back.
And what baby shower gift is complete without a hand-knit hat! I've been making this pattern a lot lately. It's from the 101 Designer One Skein Wonders book. Very easy and quick.