Saturday, June 13, 2009

Guest Room Wall Hanging

The wall hanging/headboard I'd made for the guest room before just wasn't cutting it for me... the colors seemed way too bright for the room, and didn't work above the quilt that my great-grandma made so many years ago.

So before our guests arrived this weekend, I felt I really needed to make something a little more appropriate for the room.

I love the way this turned out... it's colors are nice and bright, but the tan in between works much better than the pure white did.

And it matches the bedspread perfectly.

Now this room ties together three generations of women's (counting me) needlework.

The pillows on the bed were stitched by my mom's mom, (the quilt was my dad's dad's mom).

And that other wall hanging? I put that into my bedroom, and it works very well on the sage green walls.... when I get around to decorating that room it will be all blue greens to match the crocheted hexagon afghan I made a couple of years ago!! I guess I'll have to post that one when I break it out again for the winter.

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