Monday, May 4, 2009


Well, after a long break from my sewing machine, I'm back at it.  I started doing squares for Amanda Jean's one-a-day nine square quilt.  

I figured getting to my machine once a day would get us both back in sewing shape.  And having to make lots of little scraps would also force me to work on some of the projects I've bought fabric for, (and maybe even cut into some of the stuff I've been hoarding!) 
And I think it's working!  

I've finished up the major blocks for a headboard/wall hanging/quilted picture for the guest room/library/office/sewing room, (I guess everything has to be multi-purpose in that room!). 
And at my DH's request I started a little doorstop.  I wanted to make it a house because I really liked this one I ran across somewhere.  

I also made a little skirt for my baby girl, but I think it'll look a bit better after washing... I have to work the kinks out of the baby alterations I made to this amazing tutorial.  

And I'm sure there are some other projects I should be working on too... I think I need a new pin cushion... maybe I'll do that next.  I just have to decide which one... I've seen so many cute and creative ones out there it'll be tough!

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