Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday Party favors

Natalie's birthday was last month, and in keeping with my handmade gifts goal for the year I made handmade party favors for her little friends.

The little crayon/paper holders ended up going together pretty quickly when done in bulk. And one would really take only about half an hour or so.
Sewing the slots probably took the longest, (after choosing the fabrics from my stash!)
I personalized each one which was actually pretty easy after getting the hang of it.
Pretty cute, huh? And perfect for little toddle hands I think!


leZley said...

You could sell those. Really cute!

amy said...
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amy said...

Caroline loves hers - thanks Robyn! We just played with it the other day actually. :)

Hashi said...

I know what you mean about choosing the fabrics taking a long time. I agonize over that myself. I have to tell myself that the little ones receiving them won't be nearly so critical as I!