Friday, August 14, 2009

Quilted Baby Blanket - Finished!

Believe me, I'm really kicking myself for not getting a better picture of this one before I sent it off... I love the way this blanket came out:

And it arrived on the same day the baby did! I've been told it was very well received, so hopefully I'll get a picture of it in use soon.

I've also finished the yellow knitted blankie for Natalie. She's been using it to play hide and seek, and she seems to enjoy cuddling it as much as her old couch cuddly! so that's a success story for sure. Unfortunately, it's a success story with no good picture to go with it! I'll try to get the little mover to pose with it tomorrow, and we'll see how that goes. So stay tuned for a picture!!

And I'm still working on some of that art quilting for the show in Erie. I'm loving my color pallet, so hopefully it all come off okay. I've got to get cracking though... September's almost here!

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