Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Dress

Yey free sewing patterns! As a pretty new sewer I really appreciate the low commitment level of free patterns. I found the pattern for this dress in this post. Thanks Rae! I enlarged the pattern 125%, and still I think it could go a bit bigger... N is a pretty sturdy little girl so she won't be wearing it too long... it'll get a bit too cold for it soon anyway! I'm not too crazy about the fit, but I think I may try it again with some different fabric... I like the idea of the flannel, and I loved this owl print on the bolt, but Todd thinks it looks like N is wearing curtains!

This weekend I'm going to make a bib to match from this post! I'm excited to try out stipling on a small piece. I love quilts with that look and feel, but am afraid to try it for fear of ruining a pieced project... so if I start small... we'll see.


Rach said...

I love this dress. The link to were you got the pattern is not working. Do you think you could email me the pattern? Your baby girl is a doll. My baby girl is almost 4 months. I am so in love. She would also look beautiful in the dress. Please let me know if you can email it. Thank you so much.

Robyn said...

Rach - I don't have your address, but the link should be:

Rach said...

My email is
Her web page says due to her server you can't view it right now. Do you have it saved so you can send it as an attachment? Thanks for the trouble

sertyan said...


How much does the baby weigh when she wore the dress? Or how old was she? I am trying to figure out how much to enlarge to fit a 1 year old. My baby girl is currently 8.5 months old.

And will one yard of fabric suffice? Thank you